Interview with Cathy Liu

Name: Cathy Liu
Location: Hong Kong
Occupation: Industrial and product designer
Bike: Peloton NJS & Bianchi super pistaImage

Cathy Liu famous female fixed gear rider from Hong Kong , she is adorable and friendly. Spoke to her a few time, she not ordinary female who like shopping only, fixed gear also part of her life.

Interview with Cathy Liu :

1. Why you like fixed gear ?

Cathy : Its a challenging sports with great aesthetic feeling and unique style, very simple.

2. How long you have been riding?

Cathy : around two and half years

3. The greatest pleasure when you riding?

Cathy : Enjoy riding my bike with my friends and having fun with them. Also can make friends from different countries, its happy to hear different riders to share and exchange their riding life with you

4. What made you ride fixed gear?

Cathy Liu : I usually go biking with friends in my leisure time .One of my friend introduce me what is fixed gear, my first impression of it is fashionable, great aesthetic feeling and unique style , it makes me totally addicted on it, i tried to find out more information and history of fixed gear from internet, books and magazine. After that i bought my first fixed gear .In 2011 i join Fixielicious-Hong Kong Fixed Gear Girl, and try my best to promote this unique sports to everyone.


Fixielicious- Hong Kong Fixed Gear Girl

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