Interview with Eujine Guanu Kwan


Name: Eujine Guanu Kwan
Location: Singapore
Occupation: Employee
Bike: Affinity Kisenna

Eujine Guanu Kwan is from Singapore Monsterfixed , although most of the member at Monsterfixed is hearing impaired but they impress me the most . They have a passion,strong heart, nothing can stop them for riding.

Interview with Eujine Guanu Kwan :

1. Why you like fixed gear ?

Eujine :  I like fixed gear because it more fun and can do trick like trackstand and backward if I don’t bored. 

2.How long you have been riding?

Eujine : i been riding for 3years and our MONSTERFIXED founder in 2009, 1 of my friend from Fixpatrix, his name is James who introduce me about this fixed gear and teach me how to trackstand and backward circle.

3. The greatest pleasure when you riding?

Eujine : My greatest pleasure to make more friends in worlds and prefer to exchange some stickers too. Friends are important to me when I m cycling but feel difficult to communcaite with people Which I can’t talk and hear. It really make me more fun and enjoys ride. 

4. What made you ride fixed gear?

Eujine : Challenging. Really love to cycle fast when there have traffic jam and long distance too. The worst I hardly to climbing up on hill and which my legs need to push hard. 


More information about Monsterfixed

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