Interview with Palin Falin


Name : Palin Falin
Location: Temerloh, Pahang
Occupation: Student
Bike: Kagero

Palin Falin , famous fixed gear rider at Malaysia.  He only 15years old and have 3-4years riding experience . He is a friendly and funny guy , and he is a young blood who pedal hard ! 

Interview with Palin Falin :

1. Why you like fixed gear ?

Palin Falin : I like fixed gear cause it’s a unique sports for me. using a track bike with no brakes riding on street.

2. How long you have been riding?

Palin Falin : I’ve started riding fixed gear on 2009 when my friends introduced me about this fixed gear bike.

3. The greatest pleasure when you riding?

Palin Falin : Make new friends and cycling with them. Friends are important for me when I cycling. It makes cycling more fun.

4.What made you ride fixed gear ?

Palin Falin : Challenging. Riding in the street with no brakes, climbing hills with a dead cogs on it and only can use single speed.


More information about Palin Falin , please check his facebook & twitter 

Fixed Gear Temerloh ( F.I.X.T ) 

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