Benefit of Clipless Pedal

Now days clipless pedal is quite popular among fixed gear rider . Why? What about clipless pedal?Could it be dangerous sticking yourself with your bike? What happen if you couldn’t brake and can’t jump off your bike? Question to be made , there always a solution ! Topic of the days , “Clipless Pedal” 

Crank Brother Eggbeater , one of the famous clipless pedal . Which suit mountain bike cleats , is specially made for mountain bike for convenience cleaning ! 


LOOK Keo Blade , also a light n convenience clipless pedal for roadbike. Is more aerodynamic n power transfer pedal.


SpeedPlay Clipless pedal , which is the latest technology . Using magnet to clip on the cleat , very convenience pedal and easy to clip on.


This is a roadbike cleat ! You can differentship them by their sole !

Have done a survey with a few of clipless pedal user , please check below !

Imran : Because it makes my bike lighter and efficient energy usage throughout journey… 
Shaiful Ridzlan: clipless use both up down muscle
Junoson: Clipless pedal can save atleast 30% energy  




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