LD:labs Aluminium Aero MK-II


Apparently , LD:labs claim to be one of the best seller frameset in Malaysia now. We are very lucky to get the opportunity become authorised dealer for LDG at Malaysia. Many people ask how LD:labs feel like? So i guess i gonna do you guys my reviews!

-Why ? It is a airplane alloy is hydroforming too !

-Weight ? 1.6KG , is 200gram lighter than cinelli !

-Aero? Yes is very aerodynamic, super cross wind top tube you can feel it and a virgin tight clerance feel like cervelo!

-Stiff? For sure , i not gonna use it for fixed gear freestyle right ?

-Price? Affordable price

-Free gift? NO…no free gift but the price is included Easton EC90 SL fork , Headset & seatclamp

Want to know more about LD:labs? review don’t actually work well , why don’t you come our shop to check out?
For more information about LD:labs frameset can contact us , dont hersitate ! =) FAME FxD always provide you the best service !

Email- famefxd@hotmail.com
Website- https://famefxd.wordpress.com/
FB- https://www.facebook.com/FAMEFxD
Contact- Tel:+603 7726 9798
HP:+6012 200 7449
HP:+6016 209 7449

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