Interview with Liu Wen Cheng

Name : Liu Wen Cheng
Location: Taiwan
Occupation: Ebay seller & Photographer
Bike: Cinelli Mash Histogram & BB17 Transfer

Liu Wen Cheng , one of the famous fixed gear rider at Taiwan .  He work as a photographer , and he ride travel around  no matter how far. Guess what , he is father of two children now !

Interview with Liu Wen Cheng :

1) Why you like fixed gear ?

Liu Wen Cheng : Easy maintenance, you can always adjust the accessories due to mood, in addition to riding on a fixed gear is more challenging

2)how long you have been riding?

Liu Wen Cheng: Is around two years

3)The greatest pleasure when you riding?

Liu Wen Cheng: I enjoy racing with fixed gear or roadbike friends

4)What made you ride fixed gear ?

Liu Wen Cheng: At first , i saw someone riding a unique bicycle on the street . Look simple and brakeless. I was curious about it , so i start do research about it untill i saw mash & macaframa video and information. My passion started , after a week and i bought a fixed gear



More picture about Liu Wen Cheng , please click his flickr , twitter and tumblr

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